Our Success And Company History.

Company Profile

WINGROU Pipe Technology Co, a UK based manufacturer of Grooved Mechanical Piping products and Valves with international sales and distribution serving the needs across diverse business lines like Fire Protection, Utility Piping, HVAC, Mining, Plumbing, Oil and Gas, Marine and Industrial Markets. WINGROU Fittings and Valves, delivers a complete suite of grooved piping solutions for a full range of Fire Protection, Mechanical, HVAC, Commercial, Mining, Plumbing, and Industrial applications. Available products offer contractors, engineers, and distributors faster, more cost-effective tools for joining pipe over traditional welding methods. These products include grooved couplings and fittings, valves, strainers, stainless steel and Malleable Iron threaded Fittings, and comprehensive, competitively priced engineering and planning support services. We aim to manufacture and supply the highest quality products to customers worldwide with an unmatched level of customer service at a superior value. In addition to these hallmarks, WINGROU continuously invests in research, engineering and development, resulting in innovative products and new solutions for the changing needs of industry


Our vision is to become a global business leader by delivering high quality, certified products and building business relations based on integrity and reliability. Build a dynamic and progressive environment in every sphere of the community, by marketing a comprehensive and innovative range of products and services that conform to the most stringent global standards of durability, excellence and quality, with the ultimate aim of saving, supporting and sustaining life in all its forms.


We are a professional firm providing fire sprinkler systems and fire protection safety services. We encourage our team members’ growth through personal and professional development to enhance sustained growth of our company.


We take immense pleasure in introducing to you Wingrou BUILDING MATERIALS EST. which is a well-established organization for past 20 years, with business transactions being carried out in UAE as well as international. Our organization today, is due to the professionally equipped and able staffs, who have a varied experience of the UAE market and good knowledge of serving the customers to their satisfaction. We have never compromised on quality and services provided to the customers, by providing them with products at a very competent price

Goals and Objectives

The company with its qualified team is ready to provide products and services that are up to the international and UAE standards of technology. Our purpose is to meet our customer expectations related to their business growth over the coming years, and what obstacles may arise and opportunities to be followed. We are committed to achieve the most cost effective methods. We will identify and notify the specific areas which will give benefits to reducing costs, overheads, wasted times, returns, defects, delay of delivery in our execution. We believe that our first responsibility is to supply reliable and suitable product to our customer, and help them to make the best decision on what will be reliable and beneficiary for them.


We value and respect:
• Strict adherence to the code of ethics of our professional associations.
• The health & safety of our clients and our employees.
• Protecting our environment.
• Continuing education for professional staff development.
• Listening to our client’s needs and priorities.
• The appropriate technical solutions to meet client objectives.
• Long-term solutions for our clients.
• Teamwork and input from all team members.
• Communication for effective project execution.
• Continuous improvement in the quality of our services.


Commercial construction covers a wide range of occupancies from small retail and office type buildings to large shopping malls and high-rise office buildings. Each type can pose different challenges for fire safety. Buildings can vary tremendously in size, use, and geometry, as well as the population densities for each type of building. The combination of commercial occupancies with other types of occupancies, such as residential or assembly, within the same building, can pose challenges to the building designers.Wingrou has provided engineering services such as code compliance reviews and fire protection system design for commercial occupancies. Whether it is a new building design, renovation of an existing building, or preservation of a historic structure, Wingrou supports its clients by providing fire safety solutions that are acceptable to owners and authorities having jurisdiction. Cost- effective solutions are determined through traditional code compliance or through performance-based solutions to address unique building designs and/or uses.

Our Projects

We build and develop the future environment for working, living and communication. We take on projects with the intention of finding smart, new solutions to problems, large and small.

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